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Welcome to Maiden Voyagers! We are a community where womxn can share their experiences in the outdoors, find advice, and support other female-identifying hikers, climbers, mountaineers, divers, and adventurers.
Discover stories of female-fueled adventure you can relate to.
There are two ways to connect with the Maiden Voyagers community.

If you are a woman who loves the outdoors…

Join the crew on our public social media channels on Twitter and Instagram. Here we share ideas, ask questions and talk about all things outdoors! Use the hashtag #BetheVoyage to share great outdoor related blog posts and content so we can share them with the world.

If you are a woman who writes or blogs about the outdoors…

Join the crew in our private Maiden Voyagers Facebook group. Here we support each other in all aspects of blogging as well as sharing adventure inspiration and collaboration opportunities. This community is designed to incorporate the ideas of its members – and so will grow and evolve over time!

Still not sure if Maiden Voyagers is for you?

Here’s what our FB group members have to say!

“It’s wonderful to have a group of women bloggers who understand both outdoor adventure and how to write about it. I’ve learned so much from this welcoming community of women outdoors.”
Karen | outdooradventuresampler.com

“I love having this space where I can connect with like-minded women from all over who also love the outdoors! It’s been a great way to “meet” others and learn from each other and about different places (although as a result, the wanderlust is veryvery real right now).”
Farrah | fairyburger.com

We can’t to have you join the Maiden Voyagers crew!

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