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What is a Prepared Girl?

A prepared girl is cool, calm, and collected – ready for whatever the adventure throws her way. She knows that the best plans can change in an instant, completely outside of her control. She is resilient and resourceful.

Whether she’s on the trail or traveling to an off-the-beaten path destination somewhere around the world, she’s prepared and ready to embrace the experience.

But, that doesn’t mean throwing everything but the kitchen sink into her bag. She’s perfectly balanced being prepared for the unexpected with a minimalist approach to packing. This gives her confidence knowing that she’s prepared and nimble.

Prepared Girl’s Guides to Adventure Travel

Here you’ll find detailed packing lists for your next adventure. These cover what I actually packed on these adventures, including what I used and what I would leave behind.


Want to be more confident on the hiking trail? Start by making sure you have the ten day hiking essentials in your day hike packing list. Find specific products I recommend and bonus tips!



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Is hiking the Inca Trail on your bucket list? It’s an absolutely magical experience that I can’t recommend enough. Find out exactly what I packed and what I’d do differently next time. Download a free printable version of my packing list too!


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