Best Sleeping Bag Alternative: Rumpl Nanoloft Blanket Review

Do you feel claustrophobic when you’re in a sleeping bag? Or, overheat easily when you’re sleeping like I do? It’s not fun trying to maneuver one leg out of a sleeping bag in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to lower your body temperature. What if I told you there was a more enjoyable way to go camping without a sleeping bag?

In my search to find a suitable sleeping bag alternative, I stumbled across the Rumpl Nanoloft blanket. It seemed almost too good to be true. I had to find out for myself!

Text: The Absolute Best Sleeping Bag Alternative - for people who hate sleeping bags. Image: Person sitting in sleeping next to a tent, drinking coffee while watching the sunrise.

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Why Rumpl Nanoloft Blankets are the Best Sleeping Bag Alternative

Rumpl Nanoloft blankets are lightweight, packable, water resistant and warm (but not in a suffocating way). The down alternative filler is made of post-consumer recycled polyester, which means Rumpl’s Nanoloft blanket is also good for the environment! 

Pro Tip: Each 1-person Nanoloft blanket uses 50 recycled plastic bottles!

The blanket comes in its own stuff sack which is just 6” x 14” in size, making it very comparable if not smaller than most sleeping bags. One fun feature that I use a lot is the cape clip so you can keep your hands free and stay warm inside the Rumpl blanket. Plus, who doesn’t like to wear a cape every now and then?

Closeup of Rumpl's cape clip, which shows a small black buckle interlocked with a black loop on the side of a blanket.
Rumpl’s unique cape clip design.

As a sleeping bag alternative, the Rumpl Nanoloft addresses all of the common challenges with sleeping bags. Regulate your body temperature easily by sliding your arm or leg out from under the blanket and into the cool nighttime air. Forget feeling claustrophobic since you can move freely as you sleep, whether you sleep soundly or toss and turn.

Compare prices on Rumpl Nanoloft prices at REI and purchasing direct from Rumpl!

What I Love About My Rumpl Nanoloft Blanket

Me sitting in the back of my vehicle while car camping in the fall. Wearing a gray hat, blue jacket and a golden Rumpl Nanoloft blanket over my legs.
The Rumpl Nanoloft is perfect for tent camping, car camping, or sharing stories around the campfire.

This was a piece of gear I didn’t know I needed in my life and now I can’t imagine not having it with me at all times! Here are just a few reasons I love the Rumpl Nanoloft blanket as a sleeping bag alternative.

  • Stain and water resistant (I spilled coffee on mine the first time I used it and it rolled right off the surface!)
  • Machine washable
  • Keeps you warm and cozy (but not hot!)
  • Cape clip to keep your hands free around the campfire (1 person blanket only)
  • Weighs just 1.8 lbs
  • Ample size (52” x 75”) to cover yourself and packs down to 6” x 14”
  • Comes in its own stuff sack
  • Offers all the benefits of down without the ethical concerns due to the down alternative insulation
  • Super fun and colorful designs

On top of the product features, Rumpl offsets their carbon footprint every year and donates 1% of all sales to environmental causes. So, you can rest easy knowing that Rumpl is investing in the environment and committed to sustainability. In fact, Rumpl just became a certified B Corp – joining just over 3000 companies who meet the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, performance and accountability.

Check out the fun and colorful designs!

What I Don’t Love About My Rumpl Nanoloft Blanket

To be honest, there’s very little I don’t love about the Rumpl Nanoloft blanket! But, if I’m being picky there are a few things that could be better.

First, their most popular designs can sell out quickly (I’m looking at you, national parks Original puffy blankets!). Rumpl is still a growing brand and their popularity sometimes outpaces their ability to maintain inventory. If anything that just reinforces how awesome their product is BUT if you see a design you like, buy it right away. Also, consider signing up for their email list to notified of new designs, restocks and sales. 

While Rumpl’s Nanoloft blankets are super warm, they aren’t Minnesota winter warm. So, if you are looking for a sleeping bag alternative for single digit temperatures, this isn’t it. The blankets aren’t temperature rated but their website says they generally keep people warm in 45F and up temperatures. I’ve used mine in the 20’s (F) and been happy with how the blanket performed. If you’re going winter camping, consider buying an appropriately temperature rated sleeping bag. 

Last but not least is the cost. I was a little surprised at first by the cost but here’s the thing. I was mentally comparing the Rumpl Nanoloft cost to the cost of other blankets. My logic was faulty. The real comparison is the cost of a Rumpl Nanoloft to that of a quality sleeping bag. When you compare those two, the Rump cost is a no-brainer. Plus, on top of a sleeping bag alternative it can also be used for picnics, around the campfire and even at home. 

Overall Opinion on Rumpl Nanoloft Blanket as a Sleeping Bag Alternative

Well, I may never use a sleeping bag again – except, of course, in winter. From camping in the heat of the Badlands in summer to trailside coffee while cross country skiing in Minnesota, the Rumpl Nanoloft blanket is the perfect solution to my sleeping bag woes. I love that it’s multifunctional, so it’s not just a sleeping bag it’s a blanket that I can use for all sorts of things. 

Me standing on the edge of a lake in fall wearing a golden Rumpl Nanoloft blanket as a cape with one fist raised in the air.
How I feel about Rumpl’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Spending my money with a company that cares about the environment is important to me. So, even if I found a comparable product (which I haven’t), Rumpl’s commitment to environmental stewardship makes their products worth the investment.

On top of that, Rumpl offers a 100 night risk-free trial so if for some reason you don’t love their product you can return it for free!

How does Rumpl Nanoloft compare to alternatives?

A travel size Rumpl Nanoloft blanket in a rainbow design is sitting next to a Nalgene bottle for size comparison on a wooden surface. Next to it is a larger 1-person size Rumpl Nanoloft blanket in a golden design.
Rumpl Nanoloft travel size and 1-person blankets compared to a Nalgene bottle.

Rumpl offers several types of blankets, but it’s the Nanoloft specifically that I recommend as a sleeping bag alternative. These features are common to all of their blankets:

  • Water and stain resistant treatment
  • Machine washable
  • Stuff sack
  • Cape clip (1-person size only)
Rumpl Original Puffy BlanketRumpl Nanoloft Puffy BlanketRumpl Down Puffy Blanket
Fabric:30D ripstop polyester, 100% post-consumer recycled30D ripstop polyester, 100% post-consumer recycled20D ripstop nylon
Insulation:Hollow fiber synthetic, 100% post-consumer recycledSynthetic down clusters, 100% post-consumer recycled Traceable duck down 600 fill power, water resistance treatment
Weight (1-person):2.1 lbs1.8 lbs1.2 lbs
Size (flat):52”x75”52”x75”52”x75”
Size (packed):7”x16”6”x14”5”x10”

Read more about how Rumpl’s blankets compare to each other when it comes to warmth, lightweight, and packability.

Pro Tip: Sleeping bags and sleeping bag alternatives use ‘gsm’, or grams per square meter, as one indication of relative warmth. The higher the rating the thicker and more dense they will be which usually translates into warmth. However, gsm does not factor in the materials used. Similarly, down products use ‘fill power’ to measure the volume per gram of down. The higher the fill power the ‘fluffier’ and more warm the product.

Rumpl Nanoloft vs Non-Rumpl Alternatives

As I mentioned, it’s natural to want to compare the Rumpl Nanoloft blanket to other travel blankets or sleeping bag alternatives. However, if you intend to use it as a sleeping bag alternative, the true comparison is against sleeping bags.

This camping blanket has almost the exactly same specifications as the Rumpl Nanoloft. The biggest differences are that it’s made of down and weighs just 1.1 lbs.

Why Rumpl Nanoloft is a better option: Avoids a product that uses down for insulation and support a company committed to the environment and sustainability.

This Nemo women’s sleeping bag is comparable in cost to the Nanoloft and rated down to 35F (10F lower than the Nanoloft) and has a 5-star rating on It uses 80% post-consumer recycled material and is noted as particularly good for side sleepers who need some room to move around.

Why Rumpl Nanoloft is a better option: 100% post-consumer recycled material and tons of room to move around without feeling claustrophic. Save yourself almost an entire pound in weight!


Still have questions about Rumpl as an alternative to a sleeping bag? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions!

The ends of two Rumpl Nanoloft blanket stuff sacks laying side by side on a wooden surface.
The Rumpl Nanoloft blanket comes in three sizes: travel, 1-person and 2-person.

Are Rumpl Nanoloft Blankets waterproof?

No, but they are highly water resistant. I can personally attest to this as I spilled coffee all over my blanket the first time I used it. The coffee rolled right off the surface without a stain either!

Is there a warranty on Rumpl blankets?

Yep, there’s a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects. 

What if I don’t like my Rumpl blanket?

Rumpl offers a 100 night risk-free trial. Reach out to their customer service for free returns within 100 days. 

What sizes are available?

All of the data I’ve shared here refers to the 1-person Nanoloft blanket. But, there is also a 2-person and a travel size version. The travel size blanket packs down to the size of a Nalgene bottle!

Are Rumpl blankets impossible to put back in the stuff sack?

Actually, no! They are way easier to put back in their stuff sack compared to any sleeping bag I’ve ever had. Plus, they have this helpful video to show you the secret to making it fit perfectly!

Never overheat in a sleeping bag again! Buy a Rumpl Nanoloft now at REI or!

Note: Rumpl Nanoloft is NOW also available on Amazon!

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Text: Do you hate sleeping bags? Try this instead! Detailed review of Rumpl Nanoloft Blanket. Image: Person laying in a sleeping just outside of a tent watching the sunrise off in the distance.
Rumpl Nanoloft Blanket - The best sleeping bag alternative. Certified B Corp. Me in the back of a vehicle with a golden Rumpl blanket.

16 thoughts on “Best Sleeping Bag Alternative: Rumpl Nanoloft Blanket Review

  1. This Big Wild World says:

    You’re welcome, Hannah! It sounds like Rumpl’s nanoloft blanket would be perfect for you. I agree – I love their fun and colorful designs.

  2. This Big Wild World says:

    Messy person here too! I can relate. My heart sank as I dumped coffee on mine – then I saw it just roll right off!

  3. This Big Wild World says:

    You’ve just listed some of my favorite ways to use my Rumpl (aside from as a sleeping bag alternative!). I had a picnic on my travel-sized one last weekend in -17F in northern Minnesota and the cozied up with it when I got back to the Airbnb. The cape clip is a great feature so you can wear it at the campsite but keep your hands free!

  4. This Big Wild World says:

    I understand! The Rumpl Nanoloft would also be perfect for hammocking or picnics! Hope you love yours as much as I love mine.

  5. This Big Wild World says:

    Awesome, Karen! I bet the Rumpl nanoloft was the perfect addition to keep you extra warm while winter camping. Have fun trying it out as the weather warms up too.

  6. Hannah says:

    What a great product! I love blankets but my feet get too hot in a sleeping bag so this looks PERFECT! Their designs are so cute too! I’m going to check this out! Thanks for the great guide!

  7. Kristen says:

    Yes! I recently got a Rumpl and love it. I’ve been bringing it with me when I go to outdoor patios with friends. It’s so warm and I love how compact it is, I just leave it in the trunk of my car.

  8. Melinda says:

    This looks so comfortable and I love how compact it is! And as a messy person who always spills coffee, the non-stain aspect is truly welcome. I appreciate your honesty as I was wondering if it could be used in cold weather. Sounds like a great product all around.

  9. Josy A says:

    I clicked on the link at the side of your site a while ago…so I have had my eye on these for a while! It is a shame that they are not Minnesota winter warm but its summertime when I get a bit too hot in my sleeping bag.

    I have been considering getting one as *extra* warmth to wrap up in at the campsite, or to go with my sleeping bag on cold nights… Or even to have in the car as I often get sooo cold once I stop moving after an epic hike…

  10. Tara says:

    Well, you’ve convinced me to try a Rumpl, if only for summer nights in the hammock or picnics on the lawn. I actually love my sleeping bag and can’t imagine giving it up!

  11. Karen says:

    I just got the Nano loft Rumpl and I love it. I recently used it on a winter camping trip as an extra layer in my winter bag. I always get too hot in a sleeping bag in most non-winter weather so this is perfect for ultra light camping.

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