About Me

Travel softly but carry a big lens

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here! So glad you’ve made your way this far. I figured you may want to know a tad bit about who is behind this blog so here you go! Well, I am a thirty something girl from a huge family (seriously there’s about 40 of us for the holidays) who grew up in the Midwest USA. While I love my big crazy family immensely, I always felt like I wanted to get out see what else the world had to offer and thankfully they’ve been incredibly supportive of my sense of adventure. After the fortunate experiences of living in Australia, England and across the US, I’m back to where I started with a homebase in the Midwest.AboutMe_HankMeImage_370x370

Sometimes people ask me when I fell in love with traveling and I find that really hard to answer. It’s like I was just born with the desire to wander to faraway places. My first big travel experience was to my hometown’s Sister City in Japan when I was just nine years old. I got to stay with a host family, attend school and experience daily life in Japan through a child’s eyes (magnified through the ridiculously large glasses my mom let me pick out). When I look back now, I am sure that it was this early experience that instilled in me a curiosity about people and their stories. I feel most alive when I’m in an unfamiliar place, meeting new people and learning about their lives, preferably with just a camera and a carry-on.

So, what type of traveller am I? First, much of my recent travel has been volunteer-based, performing random acts of kindness in placImage of me on an early morning hot air balloon ride over the temples of Bagan in Myanmar.es around the world. Second, I’m active. As in Diana Ross ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ active. Count me in for hiking, camping, rafting, scuba diving, rappelling and <insert random other outdoor activities>. Third, I have a strange affinity for primates, penguins and riding scooters.

These are the ramblings of a soulful traveller.

My other love is photography. It’s a creative outlet for me to share the stories of the people and places I visit. You will rarely see photos of me on this blog, partly because I’m camera shy but mostly because I want this to be focused on the stories to hopefully let you experience these places through my photos and words.

It is with this lens that I created this blog. Whether you have the means to travel yourself or not, I hope that my stories inspire you to understand others, appreciate the small things and maybe help plan an adventure.

Join me as I explore this big wild world.

Image of me with my first view of elephants in the wild in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.