Local’s Guide to the Best Minneapolis Breweries (By Neighborhood)

Explore Minneapolis Craft Beer By Bike or on Foot

Updated 25-May-2020

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, exploring the best Minneapolis breweries never gets old. After much research and many pints, I’ve assembled five self-guided biking or walking neighborhood routes to the best breweries in Minneapolis including tips and suggested restaurants. 

Use this key for each brewery to help plan your visit. 

Minneapolis breweries key to help you plan your visit.

Already know which neighborhood you want to visit? Jump straight to that neighborhood!

Five pints of beer sitting on a gray table photographed from above. Text: Minneapolis breweries, a local's guide.

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Route 1: Best Minneapolis Breweries in Northeast by Bike (in blue)

Northeast Minneapolis is situated just across the Mississippi River from downtown. This unassuming neighborhood is peppered with breweries, both new and old.

In summer, my favorite way to visit these breweries from downtown is by bicycle. The Nice Ride MN bike rental program offers stations throughout downtown and Northeast, making it easy to get there. Helmets are not provided, though, so plan accordingly. Alternative options are to walk or grab a rideshare.

Indeed Brewing Company and Taproom | Website

Indeed Brewing Company is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the Northeast neighborhood. A small outdoor patio next to an older brick building lined with picnic tables filled with people. A row of bicycles is on a bike rack next to the patio.
Indeed Brewing Company’s taproom and outdoor patio is tucked away in a neighborhood corner in Northeast Minneapolis. Photo Credit: Indeed Brewery.

Indeed Brewing Company offers two taprooms in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts district. Indeed is known for its unique beers and seasonal releases.

What many don’t know about them is that they have an employee driven charitable giving program. How can you beat drinking beer with a purpose?

Just off of the main taproom, you’ll find a secluded dog-friendly patio that’s perfect for enjoying a Minnesota spring, summer or fall.

Try the Daytripper Pale Ale, Let It Ride IPA, or anything seasonal.

Minneapolis brewery key for Indeed Brewery.

Able Seedhouse + Brewery | Website – CLOSING IN SEPTEMBER 2022

Able Seedhouse and Brewery is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the Northeast neighborhood. Concrete floors with long wood tables on dark metal frames. In the distance a metal bar lined with chairs and a white sign with the Able logo.
Wide open spaces between community tables in Able Seedhouse + Brewery’s taproom.
Photo Credit: Ryan Lodermeier via Able Seedhouse + Brewery

Sadly, Able announced recently that they are closing their doors at the end of September 2022.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company | Website

Dangerous Man Brewing Co is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the Northeast neighborhood. A small taproom filled with people at wooden community tables with mismatched chairs. White columns separate a seating area that lines the windows.
Dangerous Man Brewing Company’s taproom has community tables in its quaint and cozy Northeast Minneapolis taproom. Photo Credit: Dangerous Man Brewing Company.

Just a short walk or bike ride from both Indeed and Able, Dangerous Man Brewing Company offers unique brews in a renovated bank in the heart of Northeast. Today, you can still see elements of the bank in both the building and decor.

While Dangerous Man doesn’t have outdoor space, it’s cozy interior is a perfect place to relax, including communal tables and a comfy lounge area. In the lounge, you’ll find board games to play while you enjoy your brew.

Pro Tip: The taproom can get crowded on weekends, so if crowds aren’t your thing, go early.

Try the Peanut Butter Porter, Cran-Razz Sour, House IPA, or Coconut Milk Stout.

Minneapolis brewery key for Dangerous Man.

Featured Restaurant: The Anchor Fish & Chips | Website

After living in England for 3 years, I have a high standard for good fish and chips. The Anchor Fish & Chips is the closest to the real deal I’ve found in the Twin Cities.

It’s conveniently located a block from Dangerous Man Brewing Company, which makes it the perfect place to grab a bite along this route. Try the fish and chips with a side of curry sauce!

Pryes Brewing Company | Website

Pryes Brewing Co. is one of the best Minneapolis Breweries, located in the North Loop along the banks of the Mississippi River. An outdoor patio lined with bicycles along the railing in front of a concrete industrial building with a sign reading Pryes Brewing Co Taproom.
Located along a popular biking route, Pryes Brewing Co makes a great pitstop for bikers.
Photo Credit: Pryes Brewing Co.

Whether you’re riding a bike or walking, Pryes Brewing Company is the perfect last stop on your way back into Downtown Minneapolis. Located in a converted warehouse across the street from the Mississippi River, Pryes offers an industrial interior, feather bowling, a lounge area and large outdoor patio.

Try the Miraculum Midwest IPA, one of their signature beers.

Minneapolis brewery key for Day Block.

Route 2: Best Minneapolis Breweries in Northeast on Central Ave (in red)

This route features the best breweries in Northeast Minneapolis that are on or just beyond Central Ave. While you certainly can bicycle here from downtown, Central Ave does has a decent amount of traffic so walking may be a better option. These three breweries each offer something unique, making them the perfect combination for this route.

Bauhaus Brew Labs | Website

Bauhaus Brew Labs is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the Northeast neighborhood near Central Ave. Long wood community tables, concrete floors, a dark black bar with red and yellow barstools and chairs. The wall is concrete bricks with brightly colored graffiti decorating the wall.
Bright and lively colors inside Bauhaus Brew Labs taproom in Northeast Minneapolis.
Photo Credit: Bauhaus Brew Labs

Tucked away off of Tyler Street in Northeast, Bauhaus Brew Labs is a pleasant surprise. Go through the tunnel to find this brewery featuring their unique take on classic german-inspired beer styles. Bauhaus doesn’t take themselves seriously, which makes for a fun atmosphere filled with communal tables and a large outdoor space.

Try the Wonderstuff Neu Bohemian Pilsner or the Sky Five! Midwest Coast IPA.

Minneapolis brewery key for Bauhaus.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative | Website

Fair State Brewing Cooperative is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the Northeast neighborhood on Central Ave. Pink, blue and purple sunset sky above the red and yellow umbrellas and wooden picnic tables in Fair State Cooperative's outdoor patio space.
The back patio at Fair State Brewing Cooperative has picnic tables and outdoor games, making it the perfect space to gather with friends. Photo Credit: Fair State Brewing Cooperative.

Located right on Central Ave in Northeast, Fair State is a brewing cooperative. Become a member and join a community of brewing enthusiasts with a voice in the future of the organization. 

Members worked together to design and build the beer and rain gardens at the back of the property. Filled with pollinator-friendly plants, this is a great place to make new friends over lawn games and a cold beer. Whether you’re a member or not, Fair State aims to create a sense of community. 

Try the Roselle kettle sour saison with hibiscus.

Minneapolis brewery key for Fair State.

Sociable Cider Werks | Website

Sociable Cider Werks is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the Northeast neighborhood near Central Ave. A crowded taproom with wood walls, ceiling and bar. A wall of garage style doors is open to the outside.
During summer, the sliding garage doors in Social Cider Werks Northeast Minneapolis taproom create a friendly space. Photo Credit: Sociable Cider Werks

Where are the cider lovers at? Sociable Cider Werks brews freshly pressed apples with all sorts of fruits, grains, hops and spices. Their unique and refreshing brews are perfect year-round.

Be sure to check out their recently expanded taproom and patio space. If you find yourself there Wednesday through Sunday, grab a bite from their resident food truck with a menu designed to pair well with their ciders.

Try the Burn Out Cucumber Habanero or Rusty Chain Cranberry Apple Cider.

Minneapolis brewery key for Sociable Cider Werks.

Featured Restaurant: Holy Land Deli

Located just across the street from Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Holy Land offers authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Their menu has it all, including delicious gyros, hummus with fresh pita, rotisserie chicken, kebabs and more.

Go hungry because portions are large! If you love it as much as I do, grab some food to go at their attached grocery store and bakery.

Route 3: Best Minneapolis Breweries in the North Loop (in green)

What once was a railyard and industrial center of Minneapolis, is now one of the up and coming neighborhoods of the city. Directly adjacent to downtown Minneapolis, the North Loop is made up of refurbished buildings mixed in with new developments for a new meets old feel. This neighborhood is also home to some of the best Minneapolis breweries and restaurants. The best way to explore the North Loop Breweries is on foot.

Fulton Beer | Website

Fulton Beer is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the North Loop neighborhood. Four pints of beer in different colors and in different shaped glasses sits on a bar with the a dark wall featuring the Fulton logo in the background.
Fulton offers a full range of beers in their taproom in the North Loop in Downtown Minneapolis. Photo Credit: Fulton Beer

One of the first breweries in the North Loop, Fulton Beer is not to be missed. From homebrewing in 2006 to now two breweries in Minneapolis, the owners live and breathe all things beer. It’s no surprise they’ve nailed some great tasting brews. Located just two blocks from Target Field, be prepared for a fun crowd on Twins baseball game day.

Try the Sweet Child of Vine IPA.

Minneapolis brewery key for Fulton.

The Freehouse Brewpub | Website

The Freehouse is a brewery that also has a full-service bar and restaurant. They have four brews that are available year-round and additional rotating seasonal brews.

This is a great place to grab a bite along this route. Sadly, they’ve removed my favorite meal from their menu (please bring back the bison bleu burger)! However, the shrimp tacos are pretty amazing!

During the warmer months, there is a large outdoor dog-friendly patio. Expect a wait at peak meal times or reserve a table online in advance.

Try the IPA or Kolsch.

Minneapolis brewery key for The Freehouse.

Inbound BrewCo | Website

Inbound BrewCo is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the North Loop neighborhood near Target Field. Chunky wood tables and benches filled with people, the metal bar is an island int he center of the space with large metal brewing equipment in the background. The room is lined with windows and doors that open up to the outside.
Chunky wood tables and walls of sliding doors bring the outside in at Inbound BrewCo.
Photo Credit: Inbound BrewCo

Inbound BrewCo is one of the newest breweries in the North Loop but quickly becoming a favorite. Inbound’s taproom has an industrial but outdoorsy feel with its chunky wood tables and wraparound windows. In the warmer months, the walls open up to let the outside in.

Inbound often has live music in the evenings, making it a great place to wind down after an afternoon of beer.

Try the Passionfruit Gose Sour Ale or the Coffee Milk Stout on Nitro.

Minneapolis brewery key for Inbound.

Modist Brewing Co. | Website

Modist Brewing Co. is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the North Loop neighborhood near Target Field. Long wooden community tables lined with metal chairs. The bar area has a splash of turquoise to brighten the space with  white tile lining the back of the bar area. In the distance is a row of metal brewing vessels.
Community tables and the edgy industrial interior of Modist’s taproom create a fun atmosphere. Photo Credit: Trevor Murphy via Modist Brewing Co.

Modist Brewing Co. is all about pushing the beer envelope. Their taproom has a bit of unexpected luxury in its design with beautiful artwork, a plush lounge area and cool lighting. In the warmer months, their small patio offers afternoon sun and a view of Target Field. The Curious Goat is the resident food truck at Modist and their food does not disappoint.

Try the Salted Caramel Lager or Dream Yard IPA.

Minneapolis brewery key for Modist.

Featured Restaurant: Black Sheep Pizza

If you don’t get food at one of the breweries, Black Sheep Pizza is a North Loop staple. Their coal fired pizza offers a crispy crust and unique toppings. Make your own if you want, but I recommend trying the chicken and pickled pepper pizza. If you’re in the mood for some greens, add on a chopped salad.

Route 4: Best Minneapolis Breweries in Mill City and Cedar-Riverside (in yellow)

Mill City and Cedar-Riverside put you right next to the Guthrie Theater and the East Bank campus of the University of Minnesota. This route can be easily accessed from downtown Minneapolis by bicycle or on foot. If you decide to bike there, you can avoid busy Washington Ave and ride along the paved path on West River Parkway.

Town Hall Brewery | Website

Situated between downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota campus, Town Hall Brewery is a long-standing favorite. Town Hall is located at the iconic seven corners and first served beer at this location in 1906! In 1997, they opened their own brewery at the beginning of the craft beer craze in Minneapolis. Today you can enjoy their tasty beers and full kitchen at this historic location. In the summer, share a pint with friends on the large patio.

Try the Masala Mama IPA or Blackberry Coconut Twisted Reality.

Minneapolis brewery key for Town Hall Brewery.

Day Block Brewing Company | Website

Day Block Brewing Company is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in the Mill City neighborhood. Long wooden tables and metal built-in booths inside Day Block Brewing Company's indoor space. The original brick wall is in the background and a wall of windows is letting natural light into the space.
A wall of windows brightens up Day Block Brewing Company’s indoor space.
Photo Credit: Day Block Brewing Company

Day Block Brewing Company may look unassuming, but their beer and food packs a punch (in a good way). Their full kitchen features locally sourced ingredients and delicious offerings like bacon and pickle flights. What could possibly be better paired with a cold beer? If you want more than a starter, don’t miss the Bahn Mizza!  Their hours are seasonal, so check their website for the latest info.

Try the Citrus Pale Ale or Leonard Day West Coast IPA.

Minneapolis brewery key for Day Block.

Route 5: Best Minneapolis Breweries in Prospect Park and Beyond (in purple)

These breweries are located beyond the West Bank campus of the University of Minnesota, on the way to St. Paul. Bicycling is an option, using the University of Minnesota transitway. These destinations aren’t the most walkable, so use the Light Rail system as an easy alternative.

Surly Brewing Co. | Website

Surly Brewing Co. is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located close to the University of Minnesota campus. Surly's taproom as viewed from the outside is a two story covered patio along  a black metal building. The tables and chairs are bright red. In front of the building is a grass and gravel outdoor space with additional tables.
Surly Brewery’s inside meets outside feel offers something for everyone.
Photo Credit: Surly Brewing Co.

Surly is the granddaddy of breweries in Minneapolis. It’s a destination in itself. Their kitchen features delicious food that pairs well with beer. What more can you ask for?

Well, in the summer their beer hall opens up to a large outdoor space with lawn games, sunshine and merrymaking. Order the Aki’s Breadhouse Pretzel with pimento cheese or the classic Surly Burger. It’s reminiscent of the classic In-N-Out burger! Take the Green Line light rail towards St Paul-Union Depot and get off at Prospect Park. 

Try the Surly Furious IPA or Bender Oatmeal Brown Ale.

Minneapolis brewery key for Surly.

Urban Growler Brewing Co. | Website

Urban Growler Brewing Company is one of the best Minneapolis breweries, located in South St. Anthony between Minneapolis and St Paul. An older brick building is in the background. In the foreground is an outdoor patio filled with picnic tables and bright red umbrellas with lots of people. The outer edge is lined with a row of planters.
The outdoor patio at Urban Growler is the perfect way to spend a summer day.
Photo credit: Likenstudios via Urban Growler.

As if the beer at Urban Growler Brewing Co. wasn’t delicious enough, pair that with their delicious tater tots in the beer garden and your heart (and tummy) will be happy. This brewery is also the first women-owned brewery in Minnesota, which I think is pretty awesome.

If going by bicycle, the University of Minnesota transitway will drop you just a few short blocks from the brewery! You can also take the Green Line light rail towards St Paul-Union Depot and get off at Raymond Ave.

More Downtown Minneapolis Brewery Inspiration

If you’ve tried all of these breweries and are still looking for inspiration, the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild has you covered. Founded in 2000, this organization promotes the safe consumption of local beers and hosts local craft beer events throughout the year, among other things. On their website, you’ll find a list of over 100 breweries throughout Minnesota.

Looking for other restaurant ideas while you explore the breweries in Minneapolis? Here’s more on the best cheap eats in Minneapolis!

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Exploring the breweries in Minneapolis is one of my favorite ways to experience the city. This local's guide to the best breweries in Minneapolis is broken down by neighborhood so you can easily walk or bike! Just for fun, I've also included restaurant recommendations for each of the 5 routes! #minnesota #minneapolis #beer #craftbeer #brewery #microbrewery

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