Dreamy Places to Stay in Ely MN: Ely Log Cabin Review

Are you looking for the perfect place to rest after a day of adventures in Ely Minnesota? There are so many cabins and vacation rentals in Ely that it can be overwhelming to choose one. Well, let me take some of the guesswork away!

Ely Log Cabin offers an off-grid experience with modern touches, the best of both worlds. If you’re wondering if this unique Airbnb in Ely MN is for you, here’s honest Ely Log Cabin review!

Ely Log Cabin is a modern meets off-grid experience in Ely Minnesota.

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Why is Ely Log Cabin so dreamy?

Ely Log Cabin is the perfect blend of rustic northwoods and comfy cozy. It’s nestled in the woods atop a hill with forest and sunset views as far as your eyes can see. The cabin itself is thoughtfully furnished both inside and out with everything you need to rest and recharge. 

When you first walk into the cabin the main floor is an open space centered around a gas stove with a rustic kitchen on one side and comfy seating on the other. I was immediately drawn in by all the comfy textures and creative use of the space.

Along the wall to the right you’ll find cozy blankets, some for indoors and others for outside around the fire. There’s also a basket full of exercise gear, including yoga mats. And to the left of the door is a set of shelves with games, puzzles, locally sourced goods you can purchase, books and even a basket full of dog treats and supplies.

The kitchen has a two burner gas stove, sink, and all the cookware, silverware and glasses you need. As a coffee lover myself, I so appreciated the locally sourced coffee, french press and pour over coffee options! There is a small basket filled with pantry items such as oatmeal and spices. The large kitchen table is the perfect gathering place to share stories after a long day outdoors, ideal for puzzles and even remote working.

In the opposite corner is the cozy family room, with two sofas and a chair next to the gas fireplace. Don’t miss the hanging chair swing that you can clip to the ceiling. It’s the best spot for reading a book or an afternoon nap! Outside the window, enjoy the view of the birds gathering around the bird feeder.

Pourover, french press coffee, and tea on a wooden shelf with coffee mugs hanging underneath.
Ely Log Cabin has a thoughtfully curated coffee and tea station, including locally sourced beans!

Tucked away in the corner of the main floor is the bathroom, with a toilet, shower and sink. 

The second level is a loft that overlooks the main floor, with two double beds with the most comfy bedding you could ask for, lamps and electrical outlets for charging your electronics.

Outside of the cabin, there’s more to enjoy! Cook meals on the outdoor grill or share stories around the firepit. On the property there are several hiking and snowshoeing trails worth exploring as well! There’s even a (very clean) outhouse if you want to use it instead of the indoor toilet. 

A wooden outhouse, located on the property, with a beautiful winter sunset in the distance.
Minimize water consumption by using the (very clean) outhouse as an alternative to the indoor bathroom.

There isn’t a television inside the cabin, which encourages you to disconnect and enjoy the beauty of the space.

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What I Love About Ely Log Cabin

The design of the cabin is light, airy, simple and comfy – a perfect blend if you ask me! 

  • Sustainable design and features
  • Local touches, including coffee, artists, snacks, blankets and more!
  • Great wifi for remote working, including video calls
  • Remote location with convenient access to Ely, BWCA, Bear Head Lake State Park, Lake Vermillion and more!
  • Very welcoming for pets
  • Exercise equipment and outdoor gear provided
  • No television and an assortment of games and puzzles encourages you to unplug
  • Hiking and snowshoeing trails right on the property! There are snowshoes inside for you to use.
A boston terrier is sitting with a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace at Ely Log Cabin.
Ely Log Cabin is pet-friendly and pet approved by my dog, Hank!

If you visit during the winter, which I recommend you do, it’s hard to beat cozying up by the fireplace after a long day snowmobiling, hiking or skiing. The snowmobile trails are accessible just a short distance up the road that the cabin is on.

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What I Don’t Love About Ely Log Cabin

There’s very little that I didn’t like about my stay at Ely Log Cabin, but there are three things you may want to know before you book your stay!

First, with sustainability in mind, in the winter months there is no refrigerator in the cabin. Instead, there is a cooler outside the door that latches to keep bears and other critters out. This was no problem as far as keeping our food cold, just a slight inconvenience to have to go outside to grab whatever you need.

UPDATE: After I published this, the owners of Ely Log Cabin let me know that they have purchased an A/C propane mini fridge that will be available indoors year-round – so this is no longer an issue!

Me sitting on the steps of Ely Log Cabin in winter with snowshoes on. A cooler sits next to the door.
In winter, a lockable cooler is kept outside near the door in place of a mini-fridge.

Second, to access the beds in the loft space, you need to climb a steep set of awkwardly designed steps. I am sure this was done to maximize the floorspace on the main floor, but it does feel unnatural to climb them. Because of this, we opted to keep our bags downstairs and only carried what we needed for bed upstairs. Keep this in mind if you plan to stay with small children or pets. My dog had to be carried upstairs. 

The steps to the loft at Ely Log Cabin are steep. Be sure to use the handrail.
The steps to the loft are fairly steep. Be sure to use the handrail!

Finally, the cabin has on-demand hot water, but in limited quantities. This is an off-grid cabin experience, so it’s not surprising that hot water is limited. However, it is recommended that you take very short (1-2 minute) showers and to turn the water on in bursts when you need to rinse. My experience was that there were periods of cold water between the hot water. Honestly, it felt like a luxury to even have a shower at a remote cabin like this so it didn’t bother me. But, this may not work for everyone. 

Overall Opinion on Ely Log Cabin

Ely Log Cabin is an absolute gem. It’s the perfect place for outdoor adventurers who want some modern but comfortable finishes in a remote setting. 

How Does Ely Log Cabin Compare to Alternatives?

It’s hard to really compare other vacation rentals in Ely to Ely Log Cabin! I’ve combed through the Ely cabin rentals and found a few that are similar.

Stunning Cabin + Breathtaking Views of Shagawa 

This cabin has stunning views of Lake Shagawa and is located along a creek. It sleeps 8 people with 5 beds and 2 baths. There is a full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, stove and oven. Amenities include wifi, tv, pool table, large outdoor deck and washer/dryer.

Why Ely Log Cabin is better: More of an off-grid and sustainable experience with a simpler kitchen and no TV. Easier access to state parks such as Bear Head Lake and Lake Vermillion-Soudan Mines.

Bright and Warm Cabin Overlooking Shagawa Lake 

Bring your boat or rent one nearby! This cabin has access to a boat dock and launch as well as great views of Shagawa Lake. It is located on the opposite side of the lake from Ely, so a bit of a drive into town. The cabin sleeps 4-6 guests in an open-concept space. There is a full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven and dishwasher. Amenities include wifi, 20 acres of property, TV, large patio and a private indoor hot tub.

Why Ely Log Cabin is better: Again, it’s more of an off-grid and sustainable experience with simple but modern finishes. Located just west of Ely, it is also a short drive into town, but has easier access to many state parks and hiking trails.

Sixmile Lake Cabin

Located on Sixmile Lake, which is about 20 minutes west of Ely this log cabin has room for 6 guests in an open floor plan. The cabin comes with canoes so you can paddle across the private access only lake. There is no wifi or television available, but there is a full kitchen with fridge, microwave, oven and stove. 

Why Ely Log Cabin is better: It’s got strong wifi, good enough for remote working with video calls. More modern and comfortable finishings.

The Cedars on Shagawa

Newly built in 2022, this cabin offers Shagawa Lake views and modern finishes just 5 minutes away from Ely. It sleeps 6 guests in 2 bedrooms. Amenities include wifi, TV, 200 feet of shoreline, and washer/ dryer. There’s a full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven and dishwasher. Note that there are minimal dates open for booking on Airbnb from late summer onward, but additional dates may open. 

Why Ely Log Cabin is better: More of a rustic and remote feel since it’s further outside of Ely (not by a lot).

Frequently Asked Questions About Ely Log Cabin

How many people can it accommodate?

There are two queen size beds in the loft and couch on the main floor that pulls out to a double bed, so it sleeps six adults. The cabin has an open layout, so the space is best shared with people you are comfortable with as there is little privacy other than the bathroom.

How remote is Ely Log Cabin?

The cabin is set on 40 acres and while there are others who live nearby, it is highly unlikely you will see them. It’s just a 10-15 minute drive from the cabin to the main part of Ely.

The driveway from the road up to the cabin is fairly steep and can be difficult to navigate in certain times of the year when there’s mud, snow or ice. Four wheel drive is recommended. However, if you don’t have four wheel drive, you can park at the bottom of the driveway and carry your things up to the cabin. In winter, there is a sled available to help transport your things, if needed.

Is Ely Log Cabin pet-friendly?

Yes, but for a small fee. I was impressed by the thoughtful touches to make my dog feel welcome, such as a spare leash, water and food dishes, dog treats and a towel to wipe down his paws by the door. Pets are not allowed on the furniture and must be crated if left alone in the cabin. Check the website for the most up-to-date pet policies. 

For a full list of FAQ, visit the Ely Log Cabin website!

Is Ely Log Cabin One of the Dreamiest Places to Stay in Ely MN?

I sure think so! It’s everything you want about a rustic off-grid experience, with just enough modern touches to make it a perfect retreat for outdoor lovers.

Book your stay at Ely Log Cabin now and use code WILDWORLD10 for 10% off!

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Ely Log Cabin Review - Dreamiest Places to Stay in Ely MN

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    I’ve spent some time in Ely when I used to work for Outward Bound. The cabin looks wonderful. If I ever return to Ely it looks like a great place to stay. I love the off grid nature of it. And it’s a plus that they welcome pets.

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