USA Campervan Rentals: Escape Campervans Maverick Review

Do you ever daydream about selling everything and living the van life? Or maybe you just want to immerse yourself in nature without having to sleep on the ground in a tent? Renting a campervan is a great way to try out van life and enjoy the best parts of camping with a few more creature comforts. 

Escape Campervans has over 13 locations in the US and Canada with over 600 vehicles in their fleet, one of which is the Maverick. This Escape Campervans Maverick review covers what you can expect, what is included, and firsthand tips based on my own rental experience.

Colorfully painted campervan parked in front of rock formation in Monument Valley.

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Why rent from Escape Campervans?

When renting a campervan in the US, it’s important to read the fineprint as that’s what often differentiates rental companies. Escape Campervans USA has all the right things in its fineprint!

To start, listen to past customers! Escape Campervans USA has consistently high customer ratings (4.8/5 stars). Additionally, they provide a lot of flexibility in their campervan rental experience. They are open 7 days/ week, and have a flexible, low-risk cancellation policy. Reservations can be modified, including dates, location and vehicle model up to 3 days prior to your pickup date. Obviously, this depends on availability. 

Escape Campervans USA has 13 locations, two of which are in Canada, and they offer one-way rentals. This offers tons of freedom when you plan your route!

Pro Tip: While one-way rentals are allowed, the pickup and return locations must be within the same country.

Unique to Escape Campervans is that you are allowed 100 miles/ day but if you use less than that they will refund the unused miles.

Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but Escape does provide 24/7 Roadside Assistance. So, whatever happens, they’ll be a short phone call or text message away.

Pro Tip: Here’s a detailed comparison of Escape Campervans vs other leading campervan rental companies

Escape Campervans Maverick Review: What I Love

Escape Campervans Maverick queen bed setup
The Maverick’s sofa and bench convert into a surprisingly comfortable queen-size bed.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Escape Campervans fleet is the colorful street art designs on the exterior. Each van in their fleet is unique!

Aside from the cheerful exterior, the Escape Campervans Maverick is their most budget-friendly and popular model. Here’s what I love about Escape Campervans Maverick model vans:

  • Sleeps up to 4 adults*
  • Comfy queen-size bed
  • Roomy interior
  • Dual power refrigerator (solar and car battery)
  • Easy to drive
  • 2-burner propane stove
  • Sink
  • Available add-ons**

* Escape’s website says the van sleeps up to 5. This requires the additional rental of a rooftop sleeper. Personally, I feel that 4 adults is the max that can comfortably sleep in this model. 

** Escape offers several optional extras you can add-on to your rental. A few to highlight are the kitchen kit, electric kit, rooftop camper, and bedding kit. 

If you plan to cook actual meals, not just backpacking meals, the kitchen kit is really handy. It has pots, pans, utensils, coffee filter, corkscrew and more. I love cooking when I camp so this was a must for me!

Taco dinner made in the Escape Campervans Maverick.
Taco and tostado night cooked fresh in the Maverick campervan kitchen, using the add-on kitchen kit.

The electric kit includes an extension cord, campground power adapter, surge protector and electric heater. 

Pro Tip: In order to use the electric kit, you must stay at a campsite with electric hookups. 

Unfortunately, I did have to use the Roadside Assistance when the check engine light came on. And, while that was a bit scary, the process was super smooth and easy. There was an option to call or text for support. I was asked to provide the license plate number and then from there I was asked a series of questions via text. In the end, we determined it was likely a faulty sensor that got triggered due to the altitude changes we had gone through. This put my mind at ease and allowed us to keep traveling!

Check pricing and availability of an Escape Campervans rental now!

Escape Campervans Maverick Review: What I Didn’t Love

There’s very little I didn’t like about the Maverick, but there were a few things to consider before booking your rental. 

First, the elephant in the room (or campervan, I guess) is that there is no bathroom in the Escape Campervans Maverick model. This is common in campervan rentals but nonetheless not ideal. Depending on your preference, you can either stay at campsites with bathrooms or on public land and go outdoors (following Leave No Trace principles). I planned our route to stay at campsites that had at least pit toilets and some had showers.

Second, since the kitchen is at the back of the van, that means it’s exposed to the elements. This could be an issue if it is raining or otherwise bad weather. There is a door canopy add-on that can address this if it’s important to you.

Cooking breakfast in the Maverick campervan kitchen at the back of the van.
The Maverick kitchen comes with a 2-burner propane stove, small refrigerator, and pump sink with plenty of storage.

Third, is that the kitchen countertop and sink are designed for taller people. I am 5 foot 6 inches and found it difficult to clean dishes or brush my teeth in the sink. It was doable, but not ideal. For anyone who is on the shorter end, consider bringing a small step or foot stool. 

Finally, the gas mileage isn’t great, though it is notably better in comparison to an RV rental. There are a lot of factors that affect gas mileage (speed, terrain, etc) but the Maverick has a 35 gallon tank and each tank lasts between 350-400 miles. In my 750 mile trip, I used two full tanks and then had to refill it before I returned it. 

Overall Opinion on Escape Campervans Maverick

The Maverick is a great campervan rental option, ideal for two people (though it can accommodate up to four). The spacious design and comfy bed were unexpected for me! It’s no secret that I love camping, but this felt like camping in luxury. 

One less obvious benefit is the fact that there is NO setup once you get to a campsite. Just park and relax! I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate that. 

Feet resting on bench inside the campervan with doors open to a view of Petrified Forest National Park.
With zero setup required in the Maverick, enjoy meals with a view like this one at Petrified Forest National Park.

Escape Campervans has created a really flexible customer experience, with lots of options to customize your rental for your needs. 

One big piece of advice – get the insurance! In just four days, through no fault of my own, I had two separate instances where rocks hit my windshield and cracked it. Since I had the insurance, the repairs were all covered!

Pro Tip: For any campervan rental, be prepared to pay extra for mileage beyond the daily allotted amount. This varies significantly between rental companies, so review the allowed daily mileage and per mileage rate if you exceed that. Extra mileage can add up quickly. 

Not sure if the Maverick is for you? Check out the full line of Escape Campervans rentals.

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How Does Escape Campervans Compare to Alternatives?

One thing you’ll notice when you research campervan rentals in the US is that there are two main types: peer-to-peer or van rental companies. 

Peer-to-Peer Campervan Rental Companies

Think of peer-to-peer rentals as the Airbnb of campervans. Yes, they have all the same issues and benefits you get with Airbnb including cleaning fees, fraudulent or unreliable hosts, variable quality standards and more. I cannot recommend any peer-to-peer van rental companies as I have not used any yet because I am hesitant.

Want to learn more? Here are the top peer-to-peer campervan rental companies:

Native Campervans

This campervan rental company has four locations, all in the western US. They have three models to choose from for up to four adults. Like Escape Campervans Maverick, four adults requires the addition of a rooftop camper. 

The layout of the Biggie vans have the bed in the back and the kitchen fully inside the van. I’ll admit, I really like this design! The Smalls and Squad vans have the kitchen off the back of the van. 

Native Campervans rentals include bedding, basic kitchen supplies, solar power and 100 miles per day. Note that they do allow one way rentals but there is a $350 relocation fee!

Why Escape Campervans is better: Their one-way rentals don’t charge relocation fees and they have three times more locations across the US and Canada. 

Voyager Campervans

This Minneapolis-based campervan rental company offers both 2- and 4-person designs. The 4-person option has both beds inside the van, instead of the rooftop camper that Escape offers. Bedding and basic kitchen supplies are included with the rental prices, as are 125 miles per day. Voyager offers the option to pre-purchase additional miles at a set rate if you know you’ll exceed the daily limit. 

I rented from Voyager Campervans in 2020 and took my dog on a Minnesota Iron Range road trip. We had a blast on our campervan adventure. 

Why Escape Campervans is better: They have a great selection of locations to choose from and one-way campervan rentals. Personally, the 4-person setup with both beds inside is too congested for me and may not work for everyone.


Want to explore the Pacific Northwest in a campervan? Roamerica is based in Hood River, Oregon, which is about 1 hour from the Portland airport. They offer a fleet of 4WD Transit vans with two beds and fully indoor kitchen setup. Expect to pay around $325/night. This price includes kitchen gear, 125 miles per day, heater, bedding and more. 

While I like the idea of the two beds, the setup is a little too congested for me. Be sure to look at the photos on their website before booking. 

Why Escape Campervans is better: They have more locations to choose from and one-way campervan rentals. Price is significantly less and you can choose the add-on gear you need.

Escape Campervans Maverick parked at a campsite outside of Monument Valley just before sunset.
Enjoy incredible views and off-the-beaten path destinations in the Escape Campervans Maverick.

Frequently Asked Questions About Escape Campervans

Normally, I share a long list of FAQ but Escape Campervans has an excellent one on their website. I recommend you give their FAQ a read!

Still have questions about renting a campervan from Escape? Drop a comment below! I’d be happy to answer them.

Disclaimer: This experience was hosted by Escape Campervans. My opinions, however, are my own. I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

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Interior and exterior of the Escape Campervans USA Maverick model.

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    I’d love to rent a campervan in Iceland! Sounds super fun. Yeah, Escape has 13 locations to choose from in the US and Canada plus more locations around the world. Ha ha glad the step stool tip was helpful 🙂

  2. This Big Wild World says:

    Prices are much more affordable now, especially through Escape. They are running some great deals right now for Black Friday. Also, they have a couple of locations in Canada too. Find US and Canada locations on the Escape Campervans USA site.

    Yes, def a bit more luxury than tent camping! Hank didn’t get to join this time but he loved our last campervan adventure! He’s quite the adventure buddy 🙂

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    Wow very cool! What a detailed review and very helpful. I have only ever rented a campervan in Iceland and really enjoyed it so love knowing options back home. I would definitely need the stepstool lol.

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    I would LOVE to rent an Escape Campervan for a road trip! We normally camp, so the downsides you mentioned would still be a step up from camping! It sounds like you had a fab time with this rental! Did Hank approve of it all too? <3

    We were looking into hiring a campervan to try out van life during covid… but the prices were so, so high (it was faaaar cheaper to stay in hotels every night!) If they have come down slightly, I am totally up for giving this a go!

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