Best Airbnb in Wisconsin: Nordlys MetalLark Tower Airbnb Review

I had never heard of Frederic Wisconsin, but I’d followed along on Instagram as Nordlys MetalLark Tower Airbnb was built. The clean lines, sleek design, and tranquil setting had me mesmerized. There was no question this would become one of, if not the, best Airbnb in Wisconsin.

When Nordlys contacted me in the spring of 2021 inviting me to stay with them as part of their pre-opening, I felt like I’d won the lottery. All that they asked in return was for me to give them feedback so they could make the best possible experience for their guests. But, I had such a great experience, I want to share my Nordlys MetalLark Tower Airbnb review with you!

Scandinavian inspired modern cabin in Wisconsin overlooking a field of wildflowers.

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Why is Nordlys MetalLark Tower the Best Airbnb in Wisconsin?

The simple answer is that they have truly thought of every single detail! From the beautiful Scandinavian-inspired design to the fields of native wildflowers and forest that surround the property, it’s the full package and the perfect retreat in any season.

When you first walk through the door, a hallway draws you out to a floating balcony that overlooks the field. It’s an ideal spot for sipping morning coffee, an evening cocktail or late night stargazing.

Back inside on the main floor is a bedroom with a plush king size bed and a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Tucked along one wall is a gas fireplace and cozy reading nook complete with books curated just for outdoor lovers.

The bathroom is an unexpected surprise, complete with a jetted spa shower, washer and dryer, and quite possibly the coziest robe I’ve ever worn!

On the way upstairs is a small closet stocked with games, lanterns, bug spray, headlights and so much more to help you enjoy your stay.

Upstairs is a complete chef’s kitchen, stocked with everything you could want to create delicious meals. As an added bonus, you’ll find some locally sourced products to enjoy as well! In the corner is a desk area that unexpectedly converts into a bunk bed. The tower sleeps four people total.

The view from upstairs is even more breathtaking with the surrounding forest extending as far as your eyes can see. In the corner you’ll find another gas fireplace along with comfy blankets and cushions to cuddle up with on a cold day. 

Outside you’ll find several paths to explore the grounds. One takes you to a well-stocked firepit with plenty of logs, sticks for roasting marshmallows and even jugs of water to put out the fire at the end of the night. Another trail takes you through the woods and to the small lake. Here you can either take a detour and explore by water using the paddle boat or continue on for a hike. There is also a shed with several sizes of mountain and cruiser bikes along with helmets. Choose-your-own-adventure! Either bike through the trails or into town!

Just outside of the MetalLark Tower is a propane grill and all the grilling tools you need!

As you can see, Nordlys MetalLark Tower is the best Airbnb in Wisconsin because it’s a complete package. There’s plenty of things to do in Frederic Wisconsin, but you also never need to leave the property if you don’t want to. 

A Scandinavian inspired chair in the bedroom at Nordlys Airbnb with a view of wildflowers out the window.
Main bedroom seating

Check pricing and availability for Nordlys MetalLark Tower now! 

What I Love About the MetalLark Tower

There’s so much to love about Nordlys MetalLark Tower, but here are a few of the highlights.

  • Simple and modern Scandinavian design and furnishing
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Outdoor gear to use including bikes, helmets, paddleboat, snowshoes and more! 
  • Several trails to explore on the property
  • Floating balcony
  • Fully stocked and cozy fireplace
  • Strong wifi
  • No television (just enjoy the views!)
  • Soft and comfy bathrobes
  • Chef’s kitchen with locally sourced products (like the pancake mix used below!)
  • Just 90 minutes from the Twin Cities!
Pancakes made with freshly picked blueberries while at Nordlys Airbnb in Wisconsin.
Create fun meals in the chef’s kitchen with freshly picked blueberries from nearby in Frederic Wisconsin!

If you visit in winter, be prepared to cuddle up next to one of the two gas fireplaces. It’s the perfect place to read, write, or meditate on a snowy day.

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What I Don’t Love About the MetalLark Tower

Honestly, almost nothing! I am naturally someone who looks for ways to make something better, so it’s rare for me to not have suggestions. However, I think that says a lot about how awesome the MetalLark Tower is! If I challenge myself to be nitpicky there are two things. 

First, the screen doors are a unique design that rolls up and disappears when you open it. When you go to close the door, you unroll it and connect the magnetic latch. This makes for a simple design with clean lines, however it is awkward when you’re coming in and out from the grill or balcony while carrying items. I found myself having to set the food or other items down on the ground in order to close the screen doors properly. See the next item for why this is so important!

Second, and there is literally nothing that can be done about this, is the black flies. They are just part of life in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The balcony generally has a nice breeze that keeps them away. But, if you hike or bike on the trails, you will encounter them during the summer months. There are specific bug repellents that are particularly effective for black flies. Here’s my full post on how not to get eaten alive by bugs when hiking!

Those are the only negative things I have to say about my experience at the MetalLark Tower!

Now, if I were to suggest one idea for the future, it would be to further embrace the Scandinavian inspiration with the addition of an outdoor sauna!

Overall Opinion on Nordlys MetalLark Tower

Nordlys MetalLark Tower is a thoughtful, relaxing, and fun place to stay. Located just 90 minutes from the Twin Cities, it’s the perfect getaway or remote work retreat. They have cleverly combined the feeling of being immersed in nature with touches of luxury and comfort. 

Nordlys MetalLark Tower Airbnb stands tall over a field of brightly colored wildflowers in Frederic Wisconsin.
The MetalLark Tower overlooks a field of brightly colored native wildflowers in the summer months.

How Does it Compare to Alternatives?

It’s really difficult to compare Nordlys MetalLark Tower with other lodging and Airbnb’s in Wisconsin. But, here are a few that offer a similar nature-meets-luxury vibe that are worth checking out! 

Kodiak on Long Lake | Comstock, WI

This Airbnb also has Scandinavian-inspired modern finishes. It’s located on a small lake in western Wisconsin with beach access, a kayak and boat slip available to guests. The property sleeps 6 adults and pets are allowed!

Why MetalLark Tower is better: Nordlys kitchen is a step above and, since it only sleeps 4, it’s a more intimate feel. Also, it’s closer to the Twin Cities if you’re coming from Minnesota.

*Secluded Luxury* Riverside Cabin in the Woods | Prairie Farm, WI

This A-frame is located on 13 private acres including a secluded riverfront with canoes and kayaks available to guests. The property sleeps 4 and is located about an hour from the Twin Cities. It’s got tasteful mid-century modern furnishing!

Why Nordlys MetalLark Tower is better: The floor to ceiling windows at Nordlys give you great views of the wildflowers and forest as far as your eyes can see.

Ellison Bay Eclectic Style Cottage | Ellison Bay, WI

Discover the beauty of Door County, which is on a peninsula that stretches out into Lake Michigan in the eastern part of Wisconsin. This cabin sleeps 6 adults and has two main suites, so great for two couples or families. The amenities include outdoor space, an outdoor shower, bocce court, bicycles, canoe, kayaks and standup paddleboards. Visit in winter to enjoy the snowshoes and toboggan!

Why Nordlys MetalLark Tower is better: It’s a more intimate space, more ideal for a couple. Nordlys is much closer to the Twin Cities, if you’re coming from Minnesota.

Beechwood Cottage – Secluded A-Frame in Sister Bay | Sister Bay, WI

This A-frame is also located in Door County, in eastern Wisconsin. The property sleeps 4 adults and has a large outdoor deck plus screened in porch. Enjoy the mid-century modern furnishing and remodeled bathrooms.

Why Nordlys MetalLark Tower is better: The floor-to-ceiling windows at Nordlys offer incredible views in any season. Beechwood Cottage is more secluded in a forest, offering a different experience. Again, Nordlys is closer to the Twin Cities if you’re coming from the west.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nordlys MetalLark Tower

How remote is it?

Well, the MetalLark Tower certainly feels remote! It sits on 140 acres of property, which it currently shares with just one other cabin called the LongHouse. The properties are completely secluded but also located just 10 minutes from the town of Frederic!

Is it pet-friendly?

No, but Nordlys has indicated that might change. Check their policies page for the latest info.

What is there to do nearby?

A lot! Frederic and the surrounding area is a great destination for hiking, biking, berry picking and more. Read more in my weekend getaway guide for Frederic Wisconsin.

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Scandinavian inspired furniture next to a fireplace overlooking a field of wildflowers.

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