Best Place to Sell Used Outdoor Gear: Geartrade Review

Wait! Before you throw out that outdoor gear that no longer brings you joy, why not make a few bucks and help save the planet at the same time? Selling used outdoor gear is a great way to do both plus make the outdoors more accessible for those who can’t afford brand new gear.

Don’t worry, selling your used outdoor gear doesn’t mean you have to go into the dark depths of Facebook Marketplace. There’s a much simpler and less soul-sucking way to give your gear a second life. Geartrade is an online “re-commerce” market that makes selling gently used outdoor gear super easy, making it the best place to sell used outdoor gear. This Geartrade review is based on my personal experience selling on their platform!

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What is Geartrade and why is it the best place to sell used outdoor gear?

Screenshot of Geartrade homepage
Geartrade is committed to sustainability and extending the life of outdoor gear. Their platform is a great place to buy and sell used outdoor gear!

What does it take to recycle a ski boot? The answer to that question is what prompted the launch of Geartrade in 1999. A group of outdoor adventurers discovered that it was next to impossible to recycle a ski boot, which meant that in most cases after one user the boots went into a landfill.

Geartrade is an online marketplace for buying and selling used outdoor gear. Unlike other platforms (ahem FB marketplace), the platform is designed to be simple and user-friendly for both buyers and sellers. No more getting flooded with Facebook Messages saying ‘is this still available?’

Geartrade offers two ways to sell on their platform. First, you can post the item yourself and then ship it directly to the buyer when they make a purchase. Alternatively, let Geartrade do the work for you! Send your gear to them to photograph, price and list for sale on their platform. Just sit back, relax and wait to see the payment come through when the item sells!

Setup a free Geartrade account now to start selling! It takes less than 5 minutes!

What I Love About Selling Used Outdoor Gear on Geartrade

As lovers of the outdoors, we have a responsibility to do our part to leave no trace and move towards more and more sustainable practices. Buying and selling used gear is a simple step we can take, especially with the help of Geartrade.

First and foremost, I love that there is little to no haggling like there is on other online reselling platforms. You know what I’m talking about. You list something on Facebook Marketplace and 3 minutes later your messages are blowing up with low-ball offers from people who have a 90% probability of flaking out on you anyway. Say goodbye to all that stress when you list with Geartrade!

Creating an account with Geartrade is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes. Once your account is set up you are ready to list your first piece of gear!

When your used outdoor gear sells on Geartrade, payment is automatically made via ACH transfer, Paypal or Venmo! As I mentioned, there are two options for selling. I have used both methods and am impressed with how simple and easy both were! 

List It Yourself

Screenshot of an item I sold on Geartrade's dashboard.
Geartrade’s dashboard helps you manage all of your listings. This item sold for just under $38 and was shipped from me directly to the buyer!

If you choose to list it yourself, payment is sent 4 days (for established sellers) or 6 days (for new sellers) after the item has been delivered. In order for them to track the delivery date, you must enter a valid tracking number for the item in your Geartrade dashboard. The slightly longer time for new sellers allows Geartrade time to verify your identity in order to keep the platform safe (a huge plus compared to FB marketplace). 

Pro Tip: Be sure to make note of the tracking number when you ship the item via USPS, FedEx or UPS and enter it into your Geartrade dashboard in order to get paid!

The very first item I listed myself was a Camelbak daypack. Including taking the photos, my listing was posted within 15 minutes from the comfort of my home. Within days, the item was purchased for $38! 

Send It To Geartrade

Green mailing envelope from Geartrade on a wooden table. The envelope contains a prepaid shipping label and box to send used outdoor gear to them to sell for you!
Geartrade will send you a prepaid shipping label and box for you to send your gear to them. Even their packaging is sustainably made and compostable!

Prefer to let someone else do the work or maybe you’ve got a lot of gear to sell? Send it to Geartrade and let them list it for you. For this option, just login to your Geartrade account and go to sell your gear. This walks you through how to mail your gear to them in 3 easy steps! If you already have a box, you can print a free shipping label. Or, if you need a box, pick a size and request one to be sent to you along with a printed shipping label. 

I requested their largest box since I had a backpacking backpack to sell. The cool thing is that you can fill the box up with as many items you can fit! Once they receive the box, they’ll assess the quality and propose a selling price. You then have 48 hours to make adjustments to the price before the listing goes live!

Large box from above, partially filled with miscellaneous used outdoor gear ready to be shipped to Geartrade!
Request a box from Geartrade and then fill it up with your outdoor gear – they’ll pay the shipping and sell it for you!

I mailed in 13 items and within about a week had already sold 2 items. Note that this was the week of Christmas and items purchased wouldn’t arrive before the holiday so I expected sales to be a little slower than normal.

With this option, Geartrade takes a 13% commission on the sales but that covers the work they’ve done to list the items on your behalf and the cost to ship the items to them – which is well worth it in my opinion!

Browse the top name brands and selection of gear on!

What I Don’t Love About Selling Used Outdoor Gear on Geartrade

I want to be transparent about the few ways in which I think Geartrade could be better.

First, is the current limitations on the gear they accept. Geartrade has a high quality standard for its used gear so if your gear is looking sort of sad, this isn’t the best place to sell it. Also, they currently don’t sell watercraft such as kayaks or paddleboards. There’s understandable logistical challenges of re-selling these sorts of items but it would be awesome if they add that feature some day. Check the list of gear they accept for the latest list!

Second, the Geartrade dashboard has sections for “Selling” and “Consignment”, which I initially found confusing. Selling is for items you list for sale yourself. Consignment is items they sell on your behalf. While their dashboard is generally very easy to navigate, especially when listing items yourself, this part was confusing at first. 

Finally, when you send items to Geartrade to sell on your behalf, plan for it to take up to 4-6 weeks from when you request a box or shipping label to when the listing is live on their website. This time is for shipping and for them to check quality and propose pricing. If you plan to list seasonal items, be sure to factor in this additional time to make sure you don’t miss the peak window!

Overall Opinion on Selling Used Gear with Geartrade

Small red Camelbak with blue reservoir is laying flat on a wooden table next to a small cactus plant.
List your first item on Geartrade in minutes! Be sure to take good photos of your gear that shows off the condition and features.

Honestly, I can’t stop listing items for sale on Geartrade! It’s clear that their commitment to sustainability through extending the life of gear drives the design of their platform, making it simple and easy to find a new home for your beloved old gear. 

The company is made up of Olympic athletes, lifelong skiers, and outdoor adventurers who know gear. They use gear, know gear and appreciate what each of us is looking for when buying and selling used gear!

In just the last 6 weeks, I’ve sold 3 items for a total of $50 in my pocket. But, I have 10 items still listed which, if they sell at the current price, will total over $300! 

Create a free Geartrade user account now and start selling your used gear!

How Does Geartrade Compare to Alternatives?

Geartrade certainly isn’t the only online used gear selling platform. Here’s how they stack up against the top alternatives!

Tru Northwest Exchange (TNX)

This company is based in Bend, Oregon, and was started in 2007 by a mother who realized her kids were outgrowing their gear quickly. She wanted an easy way to resell gear to keep the costs down and  their active family outdoors. Tru NorthWest Exchange (TNX) offers free local pickup for used apparel and gear that is valued at $100 or more. They also offer free UPS pickup for items valued at $250 or more. They sell items on your behalf through their online store.

The biggest difference between TNX and Geartrade is that TNX has a minimum dollar value requirement. Personally, I have a lot of low dollar items and find the minimum dollar value frustrating. However, if you have a big ticket item or a larger quantity of items, TNX is a great option to consider!

Mountain Equipment Company (MEC) Gear Swap

MEC Gear Swap is akin to FB marketplace in that it’s an online market where users post items for sale and connect directly with buyers. It’s a Canada-based company but you can buy and sell on their platform from the US. 

Pro Tip: To read their online selling tips and FAQ look for a small text link under the image at the top of the gear swap page

The responsibility for the sale and safe exchange of items on MEC Gear Swap lies with the seller and buyer. They simply host a platform to connect with potential buyers who are interested specifically in outdoor gear. Compare that to Geartrade, though, where they process the payment and manage that risk for you. I find the Geartrade model less stressful and safer.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about selling used outdoor gear on Geartrade:

Does Geartrade offer returns?

Geartrade has a limited return policy that only applies if an item was somehow misrepresented in the listing on their website. For instance, if the color, size or condition doesn’t match the photos or description on the listing, the item would be eligible for return. Buyers have 72 hours to initiate a return through Geartrade. 

What happens if an item I listed doesn’t sell?

Your gear is listed on Geartrade for a year before the listing expires. An email notification will prompt you to re-list the item prior to the expiration date. You can modify the price or update photos at any time to increase the quality of the listing! 

What happens if one of my items is purchased fraudulently?

Good news! Since Geartrade processes the payments themselves, you don’t have to initiate a claim or jump through any hoops to get paid. The seller is not liable for fraudulent purchases. 

Get Selling on Geartrade!

Outdoor gear can cost a small (or large) fortune. Put some of that money back in your pocket by re-selling it through Geartrade!

Sign up now for free and get selling on Geartrade!

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    Yes, Geartrade is awesome for both buying and selling used gear! I know – good stuff in an area like Vancouver probably flies off of the used gear shelves. Geartrade does have an alert feature you can setup when something that fits your criteria gets listed!

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